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We are closed for business, but it doesn’t mean the deals are done!

All remaining inventory is available at wholesale prices (with free shipping):
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Easy Order Survival Pack

Whether you’re building your first survival pack or your tenth, Delta Packs stands apart from the rest with our exclusive Easy Order online pack builder.

To simplify building your custom survival pack, we group the included gear into four essential categories:

For each category, choose your capability level from 1 (Basic) to 4 (Ultra), then sit back and let us build your pack the way you want it.

Click here to pick and  personalize your Easy Order Survival Pack!

Custom Made Survival Pack

Build your custom survival pack like you were picking from our shelves.

We start you off with a few essential tools and resources, then hand over the reins for you to build your perfect custom survival pack. This is a great option for people who need an everyday pack for general preparedness, outdoor activities, sports, work, or travel.

Click here to pick and build your Custom Made Survival Pack!

Each of our Easy Order and Custom Made Survival Packs arrive at your door ready to use, intelligently packed with our nested storage system. Items commonly used together are kept together, organized and protected by high quality nylon mesh bags and stuff sacks.

In addition to our custom survival packs, we offer great prices and no minimum quantities on all the items we sell.

Who We Are

Delta Packs LLC is a small business in Spokane, Washington that’s focused on giving you the best prices on custom survival packs.

How can we beat big store prices with the same brand new products? Very easily, actually. We don’t have twenty layers of salaried middlemen, or million dollar 30 second commercials, or annual conferences in tropical destinations, or giant retail stores that factor high rent into product prices. We are a direct retailer with all inventory on hand, ready to ship when you order.

Our founding idea was simple: to sell quality survival gear to intelligent customers who recognize an amazing deal when they see it. You’ve made it this far. Now check out our online pack builders and see why so many people love our survival packs.

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Delta Packs is closed for business. Thank you for your past support!